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"I'm going to ROCK all my content from now on, which will grow my list and lead to more sales!"

Fi Modderman
health coach

Seriously tho, why didn't anyone TELL you how much there is to write ALL.THE.TIME?

✔️ Emails.

✔️ Ads.

✔️ Product descriptions.

✔️ Pages.

✔️ Posts.  SoooOoooOoo many posts.

Makes you feel like...

Honey, it's time to Get It Write

This is the quick, practical, no booshizz shortcut to writing that STANDS OUT and GETS ATTENTION.

(And not just from your mom or Russian bot spammers)

In 20+ microlessons you'll 'zhuzh up' errrrry kinda writing.

... and actually sound like YOU

(Y'know what I'm talking about if you've tried cheesy MadLib templates)

And you've probs got one of those  '937 Post Prompts' products - but WTH to do with 'em if writing is mega strugglebus??  

Hint: You Get It Write!

Get ready to feel like...

So what's inside?
20+ writing hacks which make your stuff RIDICULOUSLY engaging!


How to make buyers feel like they're talking to their BFF (helloooooo, 'know/like/trust' factor)

Think "I suck at writing" cuz the grammar police were always on your case?  Coo.  You'll love the unusual way to grammar in copy - it's NUTHIN' like you learned in school!

*Leans forward* I can't tell you here, but there's a simple way to make your writing feel oh-so-real and jump off the page

The Spice Girls tip to spice up your life copy

Create your 'signature style' so people know it's YOU the moment they read it (and they can't get enough of you!)

... and a whole lot more waiting for ya inside

And bonuses, cuz you love dat stuff

⭐️ BONUS — Cheat Sheet so you have a quick one-pager with all these awesome tips

⭐️ BONUS —  Cool Tools with my fav (free!) services, apps, and tools to make your writing the.bomb.dot.com

⭐️ BONUS — "I Can't Believe It's Already Finished" post framework for whipping up juicy content in record time ⏰

You need this if...
⦿ You have a hobby called 'staring at a blank Google Doc waiting for inspiration to strike' (Also endlessly scrolling Pinterest/Insta/FB for inspo)

⦿ Writing makes you wanna curl up under your velvety gravity blanket and rewatch The Office for the eleventieth time.  "Maybe if I ignore this it'll go away...!"

⦿ Your assistant Slacks “is there a newsletter this week?” and you think it’s cool to skip it, right? (which turns into a month... a year...)

⦿ Your posts get a few pity likes from your fam - even tho they have NO CLUE what you’re talking about

⦿ You're a magician: your personality, swagger and awesomeness *disappears* the moment you write... you turn into a dull-ass robot #wompwomp

Get It Write makes you (and your peeps!) feel like this:

Heads up: this is NOT your mama's writing course

Nopes. Not by a long shot. 

(We're gonna break a lotta rules, you little rebel you!)

Heeeey you're still here!
Take it as a sign you want stuff that...

STANDS OUT from all the noise...

Sounds like 'you' buh-bye cheesy templates...

Makes EVERYTHING you write gotta-read-it-worthy (posts, emails, pages, ads, letters to grandma)...

Is actually FUN to write...

You know what to do  ;)  

Punch in your deets and let's get this party started!

Let's Get It Write!

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