Go from blank page to 'SENT!' in 30 minutes

You’ve heard email is crazy profitable.

(An average of 4200% ROI is hard to beat.... that’s $42 earned for every $1 spent! #yesplease)

But maybe you’re not seeing those numbers.

Or emails gives you a serious case of Blank Page Syndrome.

Or you straight-up don’t like being salesy.

I’ve got you.

After being behind millions of dollars in sales for clients, there’s ONE email framework I use 80% of the time.

It works if you launch.

It works if you don’t. (I haven’t ‘properly’ launched in ages)

Instead, I use this simple email and have people buying any day of the year.

People LOVE my emails and always ask “how I do it” because “it doesn’t even seem like you’re selling!”

In this 90-minute workshop you'll see how to do it too

My emails are so legendary, people ask themselves why they

aren't on my list yet

See how to...

Whip up high-converting ‘unsalesy emails that sell’ - use for launches, evergreen offers, newsletters

 Go from Google Doc to SENT in 2 minutes flat - no time wasted formatting your email!

 Hook people the moment they see your email (and keep them reading allllll the way down to your offer!)

 Make it fun 'n' interesting so people WANT to read

 Sidestep dreaded spam filters so your email lands in the money spot: the inbox

 Do these 2 things before writing a single word (keeps you on track, no more going in 1000 different directions)

 Casually make offers that feel natural and easy!

Plus you get...

 Funnel Fix Flowchart to pinpoint exactly where your funnel needs help (and how to fix it!)

 Lifetime access to the video workshop

 Real-life demonstrations, watch me whizz through emails on the spot - I might even write an email for you!

 Google Doc template for quick + easy emails

 Real email campaign example & video walkthrough

 Must-Click Subject Lines Vault (hundreds of ideas!)

 Endless content ideas so you always know what to talk about - never again wonder 'what should my email say?'

Start sending low-key, high-profit emails that sell without selling
Go from 'blank page' to SENT in 30 minutes!

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Create your Social Sales System!

Get it now for just $27!
If you like to sell without selling, you'll LOVE Sales Posties that turn social posts into a under-the-radar sales process!

✦ Canva templates for a 'sales page in a post'

✦ Get in front of people where they already are 
✦ Guide buyers through your offer in 10 posts: step-by-step templates

✦ Break copy into bite-sized bits so people READ + BUY!

✦ Make your social profitable

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    This is great if you have an online program, course, product, service, or coaching. You can use this with high-ticket and low-ticket offers.
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    It works with any email system you use! ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, Mailchimp, on Dasher, on Dancer, on Prancer and Vixen.... teehee. You get it!

    It's about what to say in your email, not techy stuff :)
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